What we are thinking?


Skin        Glam Affair   Shania

Head          Lelutka    Simone

Body    Maitreya           Lara

Hair            *barberyumyum* 81 for  FLF

Necklace         (Yummy)                Heart Chain Choker   @ 21

Orangutan       [Black   Bantan]          My baby @ 21

Dress    -Candy         Doll_    Dionne  @ 21

Rings    Kibitz      Milan ring set @ Kustom9

Botts   PHEDORA     Ramona@ Kustom9

Here to say good bye

goodgood 2

Skin                Glam           Affair        Shana @ CC88

Head          Lelutka         Simone

Body         Maitreya  Lara

Hair           Moon.              Cold          Contagious  For Luxe  Box

Necklace      .:E.A.  Jade

BodySuit     Addams  Miriam For Luxe Box

Heels   REIGN      Ribbon Heels  For  Luxe  Box

Tiger  MishMish Lil Tiger  For Luxe Box




abbyabby2abby3{ViSion} - Logo 512

Skin              Glam            Affair    Shana @ CC88

Head       LeLutka         Simone

Body             Maitreya            Lara

Hair                 /Wasabi  Pills  Xenia @ TLC

Jewelry set            AZOURY  Cox @ TCF

Tattoo     [White Widow] Nerve

Top   (ViSion}-S&F     Bow Top Abby  @ anyBODY   Ty so much

Shorts    Addams   Sienna @ CC88



Skin     Glam     Affair   @ CC88

Head     LeLutka     Simone

Body       Maitreya        Lara

Hair         =DeLa*=    Maisie   @ Tres Chic

Necklace    Asteria    Carpetto @ Cosmo

Sunglasses    MURRAY  @ Tres Chic

Top     _CD_   Juliana  @ Kustom9

Skirt    .::villena:.   Spliced Skirt @ Kustom9

Heels   R.icielli   Nancy @ CC88

Ring   (Yummy)   Tribal

Watch    **RE** LUX Baroq

Bracelet  Kibitz Zaris


The perfect spot

Skin              Lara Hurley       Lelou

Head      LeLutka   Simone

Body         Maitreya         Lara

Hair            [RA]          Anja @ We<RolePlay

Earring   =Zenith= hollow carved beauty

Necklace LUXE, O’ring   gold

Outfit   -Pixicat-   Casual Dungaree @ CC88

Ring   =Zenith=      Boho

Sandals  REIGN   HUNTINGTON      @ CC88

Basket  =Zenith=          Spring  Rattan basket